9 Hilarious Daumier Caricatures You Must See

Daumier's caricatures are like a time machine to the 19th-century French soap opera – drama, politics, and more drama!

Let's take a whimsical jaunt through nine of his greatest caricatures that'll tickle your funny bone and make you ponder at the same time.

In this article, you can find 9 caricatures that definitely marked his career.

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1. "The Third-Class Carriage" (1862):

Daumier caricature of people sitting in the kitchen

All aboard the empathy express! Daumier's sketch of a third-class railway carriage is like a snapshot of a comedy club, capturing the quirks and expressions of everyday folks. It's the train ride of relatable hilarity!

2. "Gargantua" (1831-1833):

Move over, political cartoons – Daumier brings us "Gargantua," a visual roast of King Louis-Philippe. The king as a gluttonous giant? Classic Daumier, serving up political commentary with a side of satire that's fit for a feast.

3. "Rue Transnonain, le 15 avril 1834" (1834):

Daumier takes a detour into the dark side with this lithograph, showing the aftermath of a not-so-fun uprising. It's like a historical meme that says, "When the revolution hits, but the punchline is missing."

4. "The Legislative Belly" (1834):

Who knew politics could be so gut-bustingly funny? Daumier's caricature of pudgy politicians pokes fun at the excesses of the French government. It's a bellyache of laughter in the face of corruption!

5. "Ecce Homo" (1849):

Daumier goes biblical on us, portraying Napoleon III as a not-so-divine figure. It's the artist saying, "Hold up, folks, this emperor is no savior – more like a royal jester!"

6. “The Lawyer” (1870-1875):

Daumier’s jab at lawyers makes you wonder if the law courts were legal battlefields or comedy stages. They'd argue black is white if it meant winning a case!

7. "The Uprising" (1848):

In the midst of revolutionary chaos, Daumier gives us a visual rollercoaster of emotions. It's the 19th- century version of "Revolution: The Musical," complete with intense drama and unexpected plot twists.

8. "The Republic" (1848):

Lady rocking the French Republic vibe in this Daumier gem. Liberty, equality, fraternity – all in one caricature! She's the superhero of the political rollercoaster, cape and ideals flying high!"

9. "The Print Collector"

It's Daumier himself! He's poking fun at art collectors, including himself in the mix. Talk about a caricature of caricature-makers – it's like Inception but with doodles.


In a world where laughter is the best medicine, Daumier's delightful doodles are the perfect prescription for a case of the 19th-century blues.

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