11 Hilarious Donald Trump Caricature Examples

Donald Trump is definitely one of the World's most caricaturized persons. That doesn't surprise knowing his political background and facial expressions :)

In this article we made a selection of 11 funniest and most interesting ones.

Note: Feel free to download the photos and use them freely, with required citation of our website (CaricatureMaster) as a source

1. Presidential Doll by Marzio Mariani

Caricature of the Former President Trump and His Wife Melania Treating her like a Doll

Controversies are normal when you have a billionaire and new president of America on one side, and adorable model from Slovenia on another.

Many people feel her smile as a First Lady is far from warm and natural and that it's dictated by her husband's politics.

2. Big head = large brain by CaricatureMaster

Caricature Portrait Drawing of the Donald Trump With a Big Head Posing in the Suit

We are proud creators of this funny portrait resembling Donald with exaggerated facial and body proportions since his brain needs a lot of space.

Additionally, we offer drawing the caricature for you online so if you'd be interested, don't hesitate and check us out.

3. Packing time by Jason Seiler

Funny Drawing of the Trump Holding Suitcases and Preparing to Travel

One of the most famous statements was the one about Mexicans and their export from the US.

It literally ignited over night and created fear among their citizens who live illegally there. That was a fake alarm, but still made many people think carefully about certainty of their stay in country.

4. Iconic smile by Donkey Hotey

Trump With a Big Smile Wearing Black Suit - Caricature

Trump's iconic smile is for sure one of his most popular characteristics and this caricature in a unique way shows full potential of it.

Let's be honest - that smile is one of the reasons why he's so popular and the reason he won his wife Melania's heart.

5. "I don't think so" by Michael Snyder

Funny Portrait of the Trump Posing With a Mad Face

Putin's "Net" and Trump's "No" are one of the most popular no's in the political scene. They are never boring and without a soul and almost every time create a cloud over it.

That is the look every country leader is afraid of.

6. Money Printer by Adham Lotfy

Drawing of the Trump Sitting on an Elephant Juggling Money

He's been extremely popular a lot before the president elections because of his great success as an entrepreneur.

He's got a great real estate empire worth billions which he's been building for the last few decades and that generally qualified him to be next president. This Trump black and white caricature resembles that.

7. "I disagree" by Gary Locke

Donald Trump With I disagree Pose - Funny Caricature

Quite often, Trump uses his Twitter account to comment and disagree on many of the World's complex political and economy questions.

It's not surprising that sometimes he's too harsh and direct. Sometimes, he shocks everyone and his quotes are used in subjects of many headlines.

8. Bon apetit, Mr. President by Laure Roche

Caricature of the Former President Trump Eating Earth

Trump is well-known for his political aggression and many controversial comments and this caricature express exactly that - him trying to eat whole planet with his ideas and power.

Sometimes his comments create a feeling that Donald got hungry and he's preparing to put whole planet into his mouth.

9. Next Cartoon Blockbuster by CaricatureMaster

Portrait of the Trump Posing With His Hands in the Pocket

Making a cartoon with him as a main character is definitely a great idea and Hollywood should think carefully about that idea.

One thing is certain - there is a ton of material for creating couple of seasons of hilarious and great quality one.

10. Rockstar by Andre Carrilho

Donald Trump as a Rockstar Singing in the Microphone - Caricature

Give Trump a microphone and you'll have a show! His controversial statements are every journalist's dream.

Love him or not, life without him would be at least slightly less interesting :)

11. "Let's negotiate" by Eduardo Baptistao

Drawing of Donald Trump Ready to Negotiate

We can have mixed feelings when speaking about Trump, but his negotiation skills are far better than any other ex-president.

Years in real estate business taught him well all the skills he needs today as a leading person of one of the most developed countries in the World.


That was the list of some of the most interesting caricatures we came across. We really hope you enjoyed it and that you'll recommend it to your friends.

Feel free to email us if you find some other really interesting caricatures. Also, keep in mind that we do personalized caricatures online and don't hesitate to check us out if that's something you'd need.