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Whether you are professional musician or a guitarist who likes to play his guitar from time to time inside your room, one thing is certain - music is not just hobby, it's love and great passion.

But, what would be the perfect gift for singers, band member and music lovers in general? Yep, caricatures :)

Imagine a drawing of yourself while playing your favorite instument (piano, drum, saxophone..). Sounds cool, right? We'd be more than happy to make it a reality. What we offer is:

Fully Personalized Music Caricature
Perfect for Every Musician and Music Lover
Hand-drawn Digital Drawing

How it Works

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Have more complex music caricature inquiries?

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Have more complex music caricature inquiries?

Ask for Quote


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  • Style: Realistic
  • Coloring: Colored
  • Body Type: Head & Shoulders
  • Background: White
  • Number of Persons: 1
  • Drawing Time: 6 days
  • Quality: Printable Resolution
  • Revisions: Unlimited
  • 0x Unisex T-shirt
  • 0x Canvas
  • 0x Mug
  • 0x Posters

Total price: $34.99

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