12 Hilarious Putin Caricature Examples You Must See

Perhaps we don't follow political scene that much, but Putin is together with Trump most popular person in this sphere and Worldwide recognizable person.

His look and facial expressions also inspired many Artists to draw very interesting Caricatures of him. We want to show you some of the funniest :)

Note: Feel free to download the photos and use them freely, with required citation of our website (CaricatureMaster) as a source

1. Putin Against Ukraine 2022 by CaricatureMaster

Putin caricature illustration in a tank with his hand raised up attacking Ukraine, NATO and USA

One of the most popular military actions in the recent history. One thing is certain - it's never that simple scenario when Putin is attacking you. A lot of people would say 'World War Three' and with Russia, Ukraine, USA and NATO being involved - the situation is quite complex.

2. Hitler as a Mentor

Sketch of Hitler putting hand on Putin

The most popular caricature published by the official Twitter account of Ukraine - quite controversial and intriguing.

3. So Funny by Donkey Hotey

Caricature Portrait of Putin Posing With a Smile

Let's be honest - his smile makes most people laugh and get worried at the same time. In reality smile can reveal a lot about certain person.

But, you can't predict his next move because his smile full of mystery.

4. Too large brain by Political Graffiti

Funny Drawing of the Russian President Putin With a Big Brain

We may love him or hate him, but his excellence in making political moves is indisputable.

In order to make them, he has to have high intelligence abilities packed in a very large-sized brain.

5. Untouchable by Dominic Philbert

Caricature Portrait of Putin Posing Pensive

His ego is comparable with tallest Russian mountains and it can't be teared down by any unfortunate event.

That's simply the way he says "Russia, that's me".

6. Checkmate by John Pritchett

Putin Caricature Playing a Chess With a Serious Face

Russia is famous for their check grandmasters. But are they really the best in this game?

If we look broader and compare political moves with check, there is absolutely no doubt - Putin is greatest grandmaster and his moves should be put in all the tutorials.

7. Virtuoso by David Horsey

Putin Plays the Cello in the Shape of Trump's Head - Caricature

Vladimir and Donald are probably one of the most iconic political competitors and watching them is literally like a reality show - there's always some action.

Each one generates some smaller daily victories, but it seems there's no end and they could compete for couple more decades :)

8. General by Fivi

Drawing of Putin as a General Riding a Horse

Opinions are divided - some people think Putin isn't the right person for that extremely important role and some feel he is the true leader and see him as a General of Empowered Russian Empire.

Each day that difference is increasing and his popularity is gaining on traction.

9. Button Pressed by Marcelo Lira

Caricature Drawing of Putin With Funny Face and Rocket

Tensions between Russia and US are always near maximum and we sometimes have a feeling there's matter of a day when Vladimir will wake up in bad mood and press that special button.

We may not know the winner of that battle, but it would absolutely change the newest history and World order.

10. "Donald, I am ready" by Zeca

Putin Poses With a Helmet on His Head - Funny Drawing

Button can also by triggered by the other side. Putin seems pretty calm and gives a feeling that he's ready for anything and everything.

US attack? Nothing Russia can't bear with.

11. 1 Vladimir, 50 Medals by Petar Pismes

Putin Caricature as a General With 50 Medals

Getting a medal is a special feeling for every person. But after 50 of them I am sure Putin doesn't agree and it's like every other day in the office.

Sometimes I personally dream about that ordinary feeling of getting a medal.

12. Zombie Vlad by Proko

Black and White Drawing of Putin as a Zombie

Worried about zombies at night? You should be, Vlad is always there in the dark waiting for you to fall asleep :)

He has proved himself many times as a very skilled and effective so I'd get worried tonight before going to bed.


That's the collection we made of most interesting Putin caricatures we came across. Enjoyed it? Share it with your friends :)

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