11 Funniest Elon Musk Caricatures That Represent His Great Career

Every year, we have more and more billionaires, and the richest among them is definitely Elon Musk.

The road to the richest man in the world for Mask was long and turbulent. Throughout his journey, he launched some of the most significant projects in the modern world and experienced various things - good and bad.

In this article, you can find 11 caricatures that definitely marked his career.

Note: Feel free to download the photos and use them freely, with required citation of our website (CaricatureMaster) as a source

1. To the Moon by David Xin

Digital Portrait of the Elon Musk as a Astronaut Wearing an Orange Astronaut Suit

That Musk is looking only in the future we can see from the SpaceX - probably the biggest and most important Musk's companie.

Will SpaceX's researchs find a way to enable human life on the moon - remains to be seen. They are certainly on the right path.

2. Twitter Purchase by CaricatureMaster

Funny Caricature Drawing of the Elon Musk Hugging a Twitter Bird after Purchasing a Twitter

Censorship is definetley thing that Musk don't like. In order to change something about it, he bought Twitter.

44 billion is maybe a lot of money, but definitely not for freedom of speech. The only question is, will something truly change?

3. Best Businessman in the World by Merike S. Mesi

Caricature Portrait of the Billionaire Elon Musk Holding Rocket, Moon, and Tesla Car

PayPal, SpaceX, Tesla... Does somebody know where is the end of his ingenious projects?

In the name of the world and humanity, we hope that he will not stop there and that he have much more to offer.

4. Elon Musk VS Climate Change by Juan Manuel Sabugo

Elon Musk Digital Portrait With Solar Panels, Moon, and Tesla Car

Each of his projects is connected with the preservation of nature and his fight against climate change.

In that way, he raises awareness and points to the problems of climate change. Everyone who loves nature should be grateful to him for that and he should be their superhero.

5. Friends in Space by JoaquĆ­n Aldeguer

Caricature of the Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, and Richard Branson Having Fun in the Space

If Musk has to choose who to take to space for an excursion, it would surely be his rich friends - Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson.

One thing is certain - if there is an apocalypse, they will be the first to travel up there.

6. Crypto Expert by Dileep Kumar Jain

Funny Drawing of Elon Musk Wearing a Dogecoin Shirt and Posing in Front of Some Crypto Logo

Whichever business Musk appears in, he will be the best - why wouldn't the situation be the same with cryptocurrency.

With his reputation, he managed to change the situation in the crypto market only with Twitter posts - especially the value of Dogecoin. This is another proof of how important he is.

7. Stoner

Hilarious Caricature of the Elon Musk Smoking Weed in the Joe Rogan's Show

Popularity changes people, but not Musk - he is still that cool guy as before.

The moment when he is trying marijuana for the first time in Joe Rogan's show is probably the funniest moment in his career.

8. Thoughtful Look

Digital Caricature Portrait of Billionaire Elon Musk Posing With a Thoughtful Look

Let's be honest, when you are a genius like Elon Musk, you often have to be with your mind and think about future steps.

This portrait tells us that he has something very big on his mind, what is Musk up to?

9. Favorite Toy by Marzio Mariani

Caricature Drawing of Investor Elon Musk Holding a Rocket Toy That Smokes

His love for rockets and space is deffinetley huge and he gives everything for it.

If we consider that, his favorite toy when he was a child must have been some rocket.

10. Big Brain by Ricardo Galvao

Funny Big Head Caricature Art of the Elon Musk Holding a Charger

If a big brain represents smartness and intelligence, how big is then the brain of a genius person such as Elon Musk?.

According to what he did in life and how much he gave to the world and humanity - it is certainly not small.

11. Funny Billionaire

Funny Caricature Portrait of the Elon Musk Posing With a Big Smile

To have a net worth of more than 200 billion, you not only need business skills and luck, you must also be a great person.

Elon Musk is definitely that guy! Wherever he appears he radiates positive energy and transfers knowledge to others.


It is always fun to write a blog about Elon Musk. Through it, we always learn something new about him that can change our view of the world.

Hope you enjoyed reading it as much as we do!