21 Most Popular Caricatures of Famous People in 2024

Caricature artists are always looking for inspiration through everyday life, and one part of it includes celebrity people.

Since we live in a world full of celebrities with turbulent daily life, artists can get a lot inspirations for new projects and we can get good laught.

In this article we have selected top celebrities from different aspect of life and their best caricatures.

Note: Feel free to download the photos and use them freely, with required citation of our website (CaricatureMaster) as a source

1. The Genius Musk Purchased Twitter by CaricatureMaster

Funny Cartoon Caricature of Elon Musk hugging Twitter logo after the purchase

The 21st century has brought big changes in the world of technology, and one of the most deserving people for that is certainly Elon Musk.

His ingenious mind and sense of business have created various new companies - from PayPal to Tesla, every company has been successful so far.

2. The Youngest Milionaire - Will Smith

Caricature Drawing of the Hollywood Actor Will Smith as a Teenager

Art requires talent and a lot of hard work - if someone possess both qualities and has shown it from the earliest age, it is certainly Will Smith.

Everyone knows he is the winner of 3 Oscars and one of the best actors ever, but only a few know that as a rapper he became one of the youngest millionaires overnight. That moment was a turning point in his life.

3. Mr. President - Joe Biden

Funny Drawing of the US President Joe Biden With a Puzzled Face

Let’s be honest, the United States has had various presidents in its history, but no one has had as many public outbursts as Joe Biden.

It’s certainly not good for Biden’s career but it is great for caricature artists who are getting inspiration through it.

4. Sex Symbol - Marilyn Monroe

Hilarious Caricature Portrait of the Marilyn Monroe Wearing A White Dress

America has produced many beautiful artists, but at the top as a sex symbol and one of the movers in the history of art and mode was Marilyn Monroe.

As a iconic person, there are plenty Marilyn Monroe caricatures, and most of them represent her sexiness and beauty. We have singled out one of her best sexy caricature sexy caricature.

5. Football GOAT - Tom Brady

Funny Portrait of the American Football Quarterback Tom Brady

If you love watching football, you can't help but love Tom Brady, a true legend of the sport.

His success in his long football career can be seen in two facts - the most superbouls won and the highest paid player ever.

6. Austrian Beast - Arnold Schwarzenegger

Black and White Caricature of the Austrian Actor Arnold Schwarzenegger Holding a Gun

Bodybuilding and acting for most people sound like two different worlds, but for Arnold they are one world where he is completely dominate.

Coming from the Austrian mountains was definitely not an easy path to success, but with strong will and great personality for Arnold is everything possible.

7. Most Caricaturized President - Donald Trump

Big Head Drawing of the Former US President Donald Trump

When you are one of the most controversial US presidents of all time and have a funny appearance - you must be the most caricaturized politician.

People are deeply divided over Trump's politics - but we don't care, we just love to make caricatures of him and we really enjoy it. The best ones can be seen here.

8. World Funniest Man - Chris Rock

Funny Caricature of the American Comedian Chris Rock Holding a Microphone

Studies have shown that a few minutes of laughing a day can have the same effects as fifteen minutes of cycling.

If you are looking for a good laugh, then you have to watch funniest man in the world. That’s one and only - Chris Rock! One hour of his shows can be a great cardio, for sure.

9. Jenny from the Block - Jennifer Lopez

Caricature of the Jennifer Lopez With a Big Head Dancing

Want to be a good actor, singer and dancer at the same time? Go ahead and ask Jay Lo how to do it because she's definitely great at all.

Everyone is wondering if she's better at acting or singing - but we don't think that matters, everyone just needs to enjoy her creation.

10. Most Handsome Singer - Justin Bieber

Funny Caricature Portrait of the American Singer Justin Bieber

When you have talents like Justin Bieber, a small effort generates a ton of results.

Besides his great talent for music, knowing that he is one of the most desirable men because of his appearance - you can't help but wish to be in his place.

11. Soccer Machine - Cristiano Ronaldo

Caricature Drawing of the Soccer Player Cristiano Ronaldo Showing Abs

To become a great soccer player, you need to be very talented and work really hard, but there’s only one Cristiano Ronaldo.

His dedication and desire to be the best version of himself in every aspect is amazing. That's why he won almost everything he could in soccer.

12. Rocky VS Rambo - Sylvester Stallone

Funny Caricature Drawing of the Sylvester Stallone as a Rocky Balboa and Rambo in One

It’s easy to be the best boxer among actors when you're the main actor in the best boxer movie ever.

However, Sylvester has assured us that he is great with weapons too by acting Rambo - where no one knows the exact number of the people he killed in that film series. Rocky vs Rambo would definitely be the greatest fight ever.

14. Woman Power - Kim Kardashian

Funny Portrait of Attractive Kim Kardashian Wearing a Golden Dress

Becoming a successful woman in life is not easy, and you need to work really hard. One of the symbols of a successful woman is definitely Kim Kardashian.

The combination of her great look and business success in many fields make her one of the most popular women.

14. NBA Beast - Lebron James

Caricature of a Nba Superstar Dunking a Ball and Wearing Cleveland Jersey - Lebron James

If we combine strength, skill and knowledge, we get a basketball legend such as LeBron James.

The fact that he is in the race for G.O.A.T. with Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant speaks of how much of a mark he has left in the basketball.

15. Silent Star - Keanu Reeves

Caricature Drawing of the Hoolywood Actor Keanu Reeves

His modesty and reticence are definitely not characteristics of most Hollywood actors.

However, that didn't stop him from becoming one of the best actors ever. In fact, that makes him likable to most people.

16. Modeling Star - Naomi Campbell

Funny Portrait of the One of the Best Modeling Person Naomi Campbell

For modeling, besides good genetics, you must have goodwill and sacrifice everything in order to succeed. That's definitely a feature of Naomi Campbell.

The fact that she was the first black woman to be on the front page of French Vogue and Time speeks of her great modeling career.

17. Social Media King - Mark Zuckerberg

Caricature Portrait of the Founder of the Social Network  Facebook - Mark Zuckerberg

Social networks have certainly brought big changes in everyday human life. One of the initiators of change is Mark Zuckerberg.

The vision he had when starting Facebook confirms how much Mark can look ahead.

18. Crazy President - Vladimir Putin

Caricature Drawing of the Controversial Russian President Vladimir Putin Sitting on the Tank

Most controversial person these days is certainly Vladimir Putin - his military actions in Ukraine definitely bring a lot of attention.

His look and way of lifestyle are together with his controversial politics big inspiration for every artist.

19. World Funniest Woman - Ellen DeGeneres

American Female Comedian Ellen DeGeneres Holding an Award - Funny Caricature Drawing

That Chris Rock has female competition proved Ellen Degeneres - maybe the best female comedian.

She proved it by winning 30 Emmy Awards and running one of the most watched comedy shows ever - The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

20. Messy Style - Boris Johnson

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson Waving to the Europe Union - Funny Drawing

If any politician can stand side by side with Trump in the race for the funniest hairstyle - it's definitely Boris Johnson.

His messy look and a lot of controversial statements are hilarious - he is made for funny caricature.

21. Strongest Woman - Serena Williams

Hilarious Caricature of the WTA Tennis Player Serena Williams Playing Tennis

When you're the strongest woman on the WTA tour as a Serena then everyone expects a lot of you and your career.

Winning 23 Grand Slams and many other tournaments Serena definitely justified that fact.


There are many celebrities and each of them has at least one funny caricature. We have shown some of the most important ones and hope you had a good laugh reading this article.

If you want to have your own custom caricature as your favorite celebrity, I suggest you check out our site and order yours.